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Welcome to Pro loco Tropea website

This site wants to be a useful informations' instrument for how're interested on our wonderful town. Throughout the different sections you'll be able to discover a lot of things about Tropea's history, archaeology, churches, monuments, old palaces, importants people, events and traditions. We hope that with the Pro loco's web site you could enjoy your holiday at best, maybe finding a good accommodation (among those indicated in the "Services" area), or choosing one of the restaurant in the historical centre where to spend a romantic evening, or a pizzeria where you'll be able to have some relax time after a sunny day on the beach. In short, we want to give you a virtual tour among the whole lot of beautiful things to do, to see and to know about our Tropea.

Santa Maria dell'Isola di Tropea

To have complete informations about characters, history and events of yesterday and today, we invite you to visit Tropea Magazine's web site (cliccking here).

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