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Shows and festivals in Tropea

Events Day
Festival of the Red Tropea's onion and of the azure fish 27 July
Folk festival of "I Tri da Cruci" 3 May
Fair of the Virgin Mary's Annunciation 23 March
Procession of dead Christ Good Friday
Saint Antonio 13 June
Carmine's Virgin Mary 16 July
Our Lady of the Island 15 August
Our Lady of Romania 9 September
Saint Gerardo 16 Ottobre
Little market of "Artigianato in Piazza" (Craftsmanship in the square) Galluppi small square (summer period)
Cheese, fish, fruit and vegetables market Every day in Contura locality

Manifestazioni e Sagre nei dintorni

If the event last more day it will pointed in this way: "6-8";
If the date of the event will change in order of a few day it will pointed in this way "6/8";

Events Day Place
Local products fest 18 July Joppolo
Mediterranean fest 26 July San Calogero
Fishes fest 27 July Pizzo Calabro
Beer fest 28 July Arzona
Pepper fest 30 July San Calogero
Fest of corn and craftsmanship's show 1 August Acquaro
Summer fest 2 August Rombiolo
"Invite for dinner" local fest 2 August Mesiano
Countryman fest 3 August Limbadi
Beer fest 3 August S. Domenica di Ricadi
Fest of the fishes and crushed ice drink fest 3 August Parghelia
Stuffed bun fest 4 August San Costantino
Polypus fest 4 August Joppolo
Local taste fest 4 August S. Onofrio
Stranguhhji fest (speciality of pasta) 6/7 August Mandaradoni
Sujaca fest (Beans) 6 August Caria
Fileja with chick-peas fest (speciality of pasta) 6 August Pannaconi
Favuocciola fest (broad bean) 7 August Filadelfia
Tagghjiarini fest (Tagliatelle) 7 August Caroniti di Limbadi
Tripe fest 7 August Gerocarne
Fish fest 7 August Marina di Nicotera
Folk fest 8 August San Leo di Briatico
'Nta l'Aia du' Massaru Cola (in the farm-yard of the head of a household Nicola) 8 August San Nicola
'Nduja fest (kind of spicy sauseges) 8 August Spilinga
Salad fest 8 August Monterosso
Romanian fest 8-9 August Filogaso
Theatrical review 8-10 August Mandaradoni di Limbadi
Kitchen-garden fest 8/11 August Piscopio
Fest of the town 9 August Nicotera
Tipical products fest 9 August S. Onofrio
Bread fest 9 August Stefanaconi
Fileja fest (speciality of pasta) 9/11 August Filandari
Sausage fest 10 August Motta di Limbadi
Wine fest 10 August Brattir˛
Tipical products' fest of the town 10 August Badia
Emigrant fest 10 August Favelloni
Saint Joseph 10 August CÓroni di Limbadi
Fest of the town 11 August S. Onofrio
Wine fest 11 August Comerconi
Tripe fest 11 August Gerocarne
Tipical products' fest of the Poro Mountain 11 August Zungri
Emigrant fest 11 August Rombiolo
Tipical dessert fest 12 August San Cono
Old tastes fest 12 August Maierato
Wine fest 12 August Preitoni
Michelizia's fest 12 August Sciconi
Red Tropea's onion fest 13 August Ricadi
Pancakes fest 13 August Badia
Tipical products' fest 13 August Zambrone
Fileja fest (speciality of pasta) 13 August Briatico
Fest of the town 13 August San Giovanni di Zambrone
Beer fest 14 August Joppolo
Potatoes fest 14 August Pernocari
Chicken fest 17 August Paravati di Mileto
Ice cream fest 17 August Zambrone
Potatoes fest 17 August Zungri
Fest of the town 17 August San Gregorio
Emigrant fest 18 August Gerocarne
Local representations and Fest of the bread and tipical products (on 21) 19-24 August Stefanaconi
Dessert fest 20 August Gasponi di Drapia
Peppers and potatoes fest 20 August Vazzano
Pig fest 20 August Monte Poro
Meat fest 22 August Mileto
Zippula fest (kind of pancake) 22 August Parghelia
Tripe fest 7 September Mileto
Posa minuta fest (...) 8 September Polia
Pig fest 13 September Presinaci di Rombiolo
Pig fest 21 September Maierato
Chestnuts fest 29 September Parghelia

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